18 April 2009

A women's best friends...to run with

Some say that a diamond is a woman's best friend. But every woman in the words are the witness for Carrie Bradshaw' statement that a pair of stilleto is a woman's best friend.
Bu then something comes up in mind, how long the thin woman leg could handle the pressure of being sexy by wearing a pair of long thin heels? For me, it's not more than 3 hours. It's good to look stunning while everybody on the street are watching our fabulous high heels. but, it's so upsetting later on, when we have to heal the pain with mineral salt treatment. It such a wasting time on weekdays.
I started thinking to switch a little of my style. Fashionable athletic shoes are one of my preferences. They are comfortable and it's not that difficult to find the beautiful ones. A friend at my office are wearing the fabulous Superstar Adidas shoes I watched once in magazine ad. And those are the series with the printed butterflies. I was deeply in love once I saw, but it was a time when I feel comfy with my stilleto.
I ask her last week, and she said that she get those shoes for less than $100 from a discount athletic shoes site which after I checked the address, I found it so brilliant. Not only my Superstar, but that confuses me lot with so many preferences in very very very much affordable prices. There's a uniqueness, this site has shoe crisis hotline which I found it very helpful.
Yesterday, for the first time I went to office with a pair of Superstar on my feet, and says who, you can't look fabulous with sneakers?